TESTiLABS Oy and Tolt Traders, Inc. sign partner agreement

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TESTiLABS Oy and Tolt Traders, Inc. have entered into a partnership, where Tolt Traders, Inc. operates as the sales and marketing agent for TESTiLABS services in North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

TESTiLABS is a Finnish company founded by Nokia veterans. Their state of the art laboratories are located in Finland and are mainly built by Nokia Mobile Phones. TESTiLABS provides test and certification services for multiple industries including wireless, healthcare, telecommunications and automotive.TESTiLABS Ltd. provides both R&D testing and certification services and can customize test sets for your needs. Their services include OTA, SAR, RF, EMC, Audio, Bluetooth, Field Test, Mechanical, Environmental and SW testing. TESTiLABS´ key customers are operators, device manufacturers and R&D houses.

Tolt Traders, Inc. is based in the US and operates globally, specializing in advancing small and medium size businesses to enter new international markets.

Tolt Traders, Inc. assists companies of various industries to find new trade partners for imports and exports globally.

It is our mission to enable global business between small and medium size companies. We recognize that start-ups and smaller companies face significant hurdles in expanding their footprint across borders, and that with our international presence, we can help companies break these constraints and jumpstart their business in new markets.