WolkAbout and Tolt Traders, Inc. sign partner agreement

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WolkAbout Technology s.r.o. and Tolt Traders, Inc. have entered into a partnership, where Tolt Traders, Inc. operates as the sales and marketing agent for WolkAbout’s products and services in North and Latin America, IMEA and China.

WolkAbout was founded by a highly motivated group of experts – IoT engineers with more than 15 years of experience in industrial automation and software development, with the aim of delivering products and tools for building customized IoT applications.

The WolkAbout Smart IoT Platform is a suite of backend software and databases designed to be the “Heart and Brain” of an IoT solution. It is engineered to be highly secure, scalable and reliable package, completely independent from the third-party cloud services.

Tolt Traders, Inc. is based in the US and operates globally, specializing in advancing small and medium size businesses to enter new international markets.

Tolt Traders, Inc. assists companies of various industries to find new trade partners for imports and exports globally.

It is our mission to enable global business between small and medium size companies. We recognize that start-ups and smaller companies face significant hurdles in expanding their footprint across borders, and that with our international presence, we can help companies break these constraints and jumpstart their business in new markets.